We propose a definitive solution to eliminate the problems derived from the generation of agricultural residues.
Our solution completely eliminates all organic waste to, within 24 hours, produce a first class organic fertilizer.
With our technology
we allow farmers to save on waste management fees and facilitate rejuvenation and nutritional enrichment of the soil.

The lines marked by Europe are very clear. By 2020, 50% of Urban Solid Waste (MSW) must be recycled. By 2030 70% of the RSU should be recycled. Currently Spain does not reach 30% and sanctions are increasingly severe.
Of the total waste generated, the organic fraction represents more than 50%.
Our technology makes it possible to deal effectively with such organic waste, facilitating compliance with the guidelines set by the European Community.

The plants are adapted, in a natural way, to subtract the nutrients that it needs of a soil rich in organic matter. Our product has a balanced nutritional quality comparable to that of a worm humus, providing all the humic and fulvic acids and other essential nutrients that the plant demands.
We provide a high quality natural fertilizer at an extremely competitive price suitable for all types of crops.

Organic Bio Solutions is a company dedicated to implementing sustainable organic waste management models. We have an exclusive technological solution that allows us to be able to treat large quantities of organic waste and produce with them a top quality organic fertilizer in just 24 hours.

Our goal in Organic Bio Solutions is that the process of waste treatment is located where they occur. We make our the United Nations motto "act locally, think globally".​ 

We offer a technological solution that, implemented through a sustainable management model, ensures that the biodegradable waste produced is returned to the soil in the form of a top quality organic fertilizer.

Our technological solution is specially designed for agriculture and for the management of Urban Solid Waste since it allows to drastically reduce the costs of reception and treatment. At present the composting requires from 4 to 6 months to produce an amender that in the majority of the cases does not have true nutritional value for the


In contrast, Organic Bio Solutions has a technology based on the enzymatic digestion of organic matter through which all organic compounds from the waste are chemically recombined to produce a humus with exceptional nutritional quality.

In addition to fast (24 hours), it is a clean, odorless and energy efficient process. It does not produce leachates or greenhouse gases.


Nuestro modelo de gestión diseña un escenario en el que los residuos orgánicos producidos sean tratados completamente y devueltos a la tierra en el lugar donde fueron producidos y sin perder sus componentes nutritivos, completando...

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